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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Hawkeye Hoops Stats Glossary
Here are equations for a few uncommon statistics that are commonly used at Hawkeye Hoops.


*Team Possessions = FGA - Oreb + TO + (0.4 x FTA)

*Offensive Efficiency = (Points Scored / Possessions) x 100

*Defensive Efficiency = (Points Allowed / Possessions) x 100

Expected Winning % = Offensive Efficiency^10 / (Offensive Efficiency^10 + Defensive Efficiency^10)

*Scoring Possession = any possession on which the team scores at least 1 point

Four Factors = rate stats measuring a team's effectiveness at each component of the possessions formula. They include adjFG%, TO/poss, Oreb rate, and either FTA/FGA or FTM/FGA.

Offensive Rebound Rate (Oreb rate) = Oreb / (Oreb + Opponent's Dreb)
- measures a team's ability to extend possessions through offensive rebounds

Defensive Rebound Rate (Dreb rate) = Dreb / (Dreb + Opponent's Oreb)
- measures a team's success at ending their opponent's possession after they force a missed shot

Total Rebound % = Rebounds / (Rebounds + Opponent's Rebounds)

Adjusted Field Goal % (adjFG%) = [FGM + (0.5 x 3PM)] / FGA

Free Throw Attempts per Field Goal Attempt = FTA / FGA
- measures how frequently a team gets to the free throw line

Three Point Attempts per Field Goal Attempt = 3PA / FGA
- measures how many of a team's shots are three pointers


*Floor Percentage = the ratio of a player's scoring possessions to his total possessions

*Scoring Possessions = contribution to a team scoring possession
- players get credit (and partial credit) toward scoring possessions through field goals, free throws, assists, and offensive rebounds

*Individual Possessions = sum of a player's scoring possessions, missed shots and free throws that are rebounded by the defense, and turnovers

*Points Produced = points a player generates through field goals, free throws, assists, and offensive rebounds
- e.g., when a player scores a 2 pt FG that is assisted on, the shooter and passer each get credited with a fraction of the 2 pts

*Offensive Rating = (Points Produced / Possessions) x 100

*Percent of Team Possessions (%Poss) = [(individual possessions) / 40 min] / (team possessions / game)
- an estimate of how much of a team's possessions a player uses while he's playing
- players' offensive ratings generally increase as they use fewer possessions, and fall when they use more

**Rebound % = Rebounds / [(Team Rebounds + Opponent's Rebounds) x (Minutes / Team Minutes)]

**True Shot % (TS%) = Points / [2 x (Field Goals Attempted + 0.44 x Free Throws Attempted)]

Steal % = Steals / [Team Possessions x (Minutes / Team Minutes)]

Pass Rating = "Assist Part" / Individual Possessions
- "assist part" is a component of Oliver's Points Produced formula - it estimates the points a player produces through assists

Free Throw Rate = (FT Made x FT%) / min x 100
- I first saw this at Justin Kubatko's awesome Basketball-Reference

Three Point Rate = (3pt Made x 3pt%) / min x 100
- another creation of Mr. Kubatko

*from Dean Oliver's Basketball On Paper

**I think these are generally credited to John Hollinger, author of Basketball Prospectus

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