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Monday, November 22, 2004
I'm Back
I think that was the longest stretch this season without a post. I drove to Des Moines after the game Friday, ran the Living History Farms cross country race Saturday, then settled in to watch two great football games - ISU's comeback rout of K State and Iowa's domination of Wisconsin. That was a nice diversion, but I'm ready to get back to basketball. What a better way then three games in three days in a tournament loaded with talented teams and players?

Iowa tips off with Louisville in just a couple hours. I'm guessing most Hawk fans are as excited as myself to see how this year's team will fare against a quality opponent. Most Hawk fans are of the opinion that this year's team is an improvement over last year's, so this game will be a good test to see where we're at.

Unfortunately I have yet to order cable since moving to my new place, so I'll either be catching the game on the radio or at a local sports bar. Stop back after the game for one fan's overview of Iowa's performance.

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