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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Wednesday Press Conference
Check out Hawkeye Nation's transcript of today's press conference with Coach Alford.

Looks like Erek Hansen's starting spot is safe for now - Alford says starting Adam Haluska in place of Mike Henderson is the only lineup change that would occur, if any. For those who haven't been keeping up, that means the starters for Friday will be:

C Erek Hansen 6'11"
F Greg Brunner 6'7"
G Pierre Pierce 6'4"
G Jeff Horner 6'3"
G Mike Henderson 6'2"/ Adam Haluska 6'5"

Alford once again sang the praises of freshman guard Carlton Reed, saying "He's got a lot of savvy and poise for a young player. And it just hasn't been the two exhibition games. He's practiced that way. He's had probably two or three poor practices sinec we started."

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