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Saturday, December 04, 2004
Iowa 88, Centenary 53
Common question from the student section last night: "[w]ho are these guys?"

You can be assured of two things when Iowa plays a no-name opponent: aggressive dunks from Doug Thomas, and Pierre Pierce scoring at will. Hawkeye fans were again treated to both as Thomas twice brought the crowd to their feet and Pierce scored 19 points in just 22 minutes in a win against the Centenary Gentlemen. See also: Upper Iowa, Laval University, and to a limited extent, Western Illinois (apparently their higher name recognition negates Pierce's scoring ability). The theory gets tested again tonight against UNC-Greensboro.

It wasn't a Globetrotter show from the get-go, as Centenary held close with early three-pointers and tied the score midway through first half. Iowa was just too fast and too strong the rest of the way, and outscored the Gents 50-27 in the second half.

Game Notes

Larry Eustachy's return to Iowa started out rough, as Southern Miss was defeated by UNC-Greensboro 79-78. Iowa gets the Spartans tonight at 8:11 CST. They'll clearly be tougher than Centenary, and Ronnie Burrell looked like a decent threat in the post. Check back tonight or early tomorrow for thoughts on that game.

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