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Monday, December 06, 2004
New AP Poll
AP voters apparently see Iowa as the second best team in the Big Ten right now, as they were placed ahead of both Michigan State and Wisconsin in the new poll. Iowa still trails Illinois, who vaulted from #5 last week to top the chart this week after a big win over Wake Forest.

1. Illinois
17. Iowa
20. Michigan State
24. Wisconsin

Michigan received three votes and Indiana drew the sympathy of a single voter.

The Hawkeyes remain behind two teams they beat on consecutive days - #13 Louisville and #14 Texas. The lone loss on Iowa's 6-1 record was to now-#8 North Carolina.

Before the season, I certainly doubted Iowa could finish second in the conference. The results so far make them look like more and more of a contender. While there is still plenty of basketball to be played, Iowa's favorable schedule won't hinder their quest to knock off the early season powers in Madison and East Lansing.

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