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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Can't Kick the Habit
I tried to ignore Iowa basketball for a couple days after Wednesday's game, but here I find myself checking Google before I go to bed.

This probably isn't news to my more loyal (or masochistic) peers, but anyway - Steve Batterson reports that Steve Alford plans to shake up the lineup today. My vote is for Doug Thomas replacing Erek Hansen. I'll trade a couple blocked shots for a wealth of defensive rebounds anyday. On top of that,
Alford added that he expects Carlton Reed and Alex Thompson to see additional
minutes based on recent performances.
Alford also notes, in an AP article, that Jeff Horner is shooting from too far out.
"You're shooting 3-point shots that Reggie Miller doesn't shoot. Until you
understand the difference between a 25-footer and a 20-footer, you're going to
miss shots," Alford said. "It's not a touch shot from 25 feet, it's a heave. And
if you don't shoot touch shots, it's hard to go to the 15-foot line and shoot
touch shots."
This was apparent to anyone who's seen the last few Iowa games. I agree with Alford on this one - Horner is way too far out on a lot of his shots. I think Alford makes an interesting point about the relationship between shooting within your range and your free throw shooting touch, especially given the coach's intimate knowledge of shooting. It seems like a reasonable explanation for Horner's struggles at the free throw line.

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