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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Iowa 71, Purdue 57
The Big Ten scheduling gods were very good to Iowa this year. In addition to facing Michigan State and Wisconsin only once each, the Hawkeyes's first game after an exhausting 45 minute contest against Illinois was at home against one of the Big Ten's weakest teams. This allowed Iowa to rest several tired starters and give big minutes and added experience to their bench players in a game whose outcome was never in doubt.

Game Notes

Random Stuff

So, all in all, this was a good game for Iowa. Past Alford teams commonly "played to their opponent," meaning they were competitive against top teams but struggled when playing weaker teams. I'm getting a different feeling this year - they stayed with #1 Illinois, but beat Purdue easily, even with many of the starters playing reduced roles. There's also the Maui wins, plus the 30 point pounding of Texas Tech. There was the stretch of poor games against St. Louis, Michigan, and Ohio State, but I think Alford correctly diagnosed the team's problems and has the team ready to play good basketball the rest of the way.


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