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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Hawks Land Verbal Commitment
Hawkeye Nation reports that Nathan Skinner verbally committed to next year's basketball team. Read about him here (I'd advise against clicking the link if you enjoy good grammar and spelling), including this favorable comparison -
For the season Skinner is averaging 26 points and just over 10 boards an outing
for his 30-6 squad. He has a solid stroke from beyond the arc and is an
excellent slasher and driver who hits over 80% from the free throw line. He
reminds me of current Minnesota wing Vincent Grier in high school.
The report mentions that Skinner attended the Iowa-Illinois game last weekend. I hope the atmosphere from that game wasn't a major factor in his decision, as he'll likely be playing most of next season in front of 3-5,000 empty seats.

Seriously though, he sounds like a pretty exciting player, as the article praises his jumping and dunking ability and his overall athleticism.
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