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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Iowa 78, Penn State 56
Wow, Penn State is bad. That's no surprise to you if you follow the Big Ten, but today was the first time I actually saw them play, and it was not pretty. The Hawks took advantage of poor Penn State passing, turning steals into easy fast break points. Iowa ran out to an early lead and had a 27 point advantage by half time. They led by as much as 31 in the second half and were able to give big minutes to a handful of guys who rarely play.

Let's get a few numbers out of the way -
Stats Glossary

Iowa - 61 FGA - 9 Oreb + 12 TO + 0.4 x 11 FTA = 68.4 poss.
PSU - 51 FGA - 10 Oreb + 16 TO + 0.4 x 20 TO = 64 poss.
Average = about 66 poss.
IA off rtg = 78 / 66 x 100 = 118
IA def rtg = 56 / 66 x 100 = 85

What amazes me is that, despite hitting nearly half their threes and scoring numerous easy layups and dunks, Iowa's offensive rating was still lower than what Illinois is averaging for the Big Ten season (122 through last weekend). Truly an impressive season by the Illini.

Game Notes

Random Stuff

What's the deal with Thomas? Is he bad is practice? Why is he not getting 25 minutes (assuming no foul trouble)? He's consistently productive.
I think it's hard to take foul trouble out of the equation, since Thomas seems to rack up 3 fouls as fast as anyone, and that's usually the point at which Alford takes him out. Aside from that, Alford probably just values Hansen's shot-blocking more than Doug's offense and rebounding (which I disagree with).
I'm just amazed that Hansen has been reboundless in his last 35 minutes, if I remember right. I'm 6 foot 2, and I can't help but believe that if I played that same 35 minutes, I'd pull down at least ONE board.
And it's not like there haven't been opportunities - Minnesota and Penn State shot a combined 38%.
You know, as I've been thinking about it, I never thought I'd say this, but we'd be much better off with Glen Worley. At least he enjoyed some points and rebounds with his fouls and turnovers.
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