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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
No More Pierre
The Pierre Pierce situtation got resolved a lot faster than I expected. CollegeSports.com reports that Pierce was permanently removed from the Iowa basketball program today.
"Effective, immediately, Pierre Pierce has been dismissed from the University of Iowa men's basketball team," said [head coach Steve] Alford. "I regret this step has
become necessary, but Pierre has betrayed the trust we placed in him when he was
given a second chance two years ago. Pierre is an excellent basketball player
who will be missed by our team. But, given the circumstances, I feel this is the
only appropriate response."
I'll be posting more on this later today/tonight as soon as I get all my thoughts together.

Good riddance to a criminal! Does this offically mean the end for Alford? I hope so. Dismal dirty hawks, although, Pierre Pierce is the kind of guy the UNI football team would likely recruit!

Go Illini! The trip to Iowa City suddenly does not look so intimidating.
What makes me really sad about all of this, is the fact that Alfraud is probably just posing.

He showed his TRUE COLORS in 2002.

Now, he's throwing PP under the bus, before he's actually been charged with anything, not because its right... but because he wants to protect his image.
Pierce was a rapist 2 years ago which makes him a rapist now. UI is not 'throwing PP under the bus' for image reasons, they're kicking a thug off their team for his own actions. PS: Pierce hasn't been back in class since his little character-showing (know from having him as a fellow student in class), and has been reported to have hoop-dreams of the pro-version. Good luck @$$-hole, we Hawks don't, and won't miss you one bit.
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