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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Brunner = Rebound Champ?
Penn State's Aaron Johnson decided to transfer, and the absence of the Big Ten's leading rebounder will give Greg Brunner an excellent opportunity to finally lead the league. Two years ago he finished second to NBA-bound Kris Humphries, and Johnson edged Brunner this year. Other possible candidates for next year's crown -

Brian Butch, Wisconsin - high rebound rate, departure of Wilkinson and Morley opens door for PT

James Augustine, Illinois - departure of Head and (maybe) Williams and (mayyyybe) Brown means plenty more missed shots and rebound opportunities

Paul Davis, Michigan State - great rebound rate, needs more minutes to contend (is he coming back?)

Doug Thomas, Iowa - a guy can dream, right? Has a better rebound % than Brunner but will never play the necessary minutes

Terence Dials, Ohio State - decent rebound %, will see a lot of minutes
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