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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Out The Door
I'm about to hit the road to make a much-anticipated return to my alma mater, so I should do a little housekeeping before I take off.

I wrote a post for each of the tournament's regions last night / this morning. Each post contains lists of players from that region who excel at certain statistics. It's mostly tables of numbers, and not much commentary, since I was in a hurry to get everything finished before all the games got under way.

I hope that'll keep you busy for a couple days, since I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back. To read the lists, either scroll down the page, or use the links under NCAA Players to Watch in the top part of the right sidebar. Check the Hawkeye Hoops Stats Glossary if you're not up to speed on all the terms.

I might try to sneak in a post-game recap this afternoon, but the St. Patrick's Day festivities might be in full swing by then, so no promises. In any event, expect some Hawk talk (hopefully including a second round preview!) by Friday night.

Go Hawks!
High school player to watch in Chicago....

A Junior named Jon Scheyer from Glenbrook North high school has been tearing up the IHSA playoffs, and has even caught the eye of Duke's coach Mike Kre....screw it its too hard to spell. He is probally on the inside track to Illinois, as his head coach in high school is Dave Weber, brother of Illinois coach Bruce Weber. You can read about his latest game in the IHSA elite 8 here (Chicago Tribune website):
Thank you Swany. Perhaps we can find room in the budget for you as Hawkeye Hoops's new Chicagoland Talent Scout. Ever hear anything about Tony Freeman?
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