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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Road Trip!
There's nothing quite like a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment road trip. In this case, I'll be leaving in about 20 minutes to drive/ride to Ann Arbor. As such, no preview or recap of the Michigan on Saturday. Check back Sunday for a recap of the trip.

Go Hawks!
Congrats on the win at Michigan. I'm not an Iowa fan per se, but a Big Ten fan. It bothers me that not a single national commentator has even mentioned Iowa as being so much as a bubble team. And I haven't even really heard YOU say anything about the Hawkeyes' chances!

What is the deal down there?! Do you really feel that because you lost a good player your overall season should be discounted? You've won three in a row in the Big Ten, including two road games. You're 5-5 in your last ten, you have an RPI that under the old formula would be 35. No team has EVER been excluded with an RPI of better than 33. Sagarin has you ranked 29th, and Pomeroy 27th! You've got an RPI 14 spots better than West Virginia, 36 better than NC State, and 65 better than Va Tech. Do you think that going 7-9 in an unbalanced Big Ten schedule makes you unfit for the tourney, and these teams, and Maryland (also 7-9 in conference and losers of 4 of 5) should be considered bubble teams, or even locks?

You may get screwed, but don't get screwed quietly. Make some noise, Hawkeyes.
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