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Sunday, March 13, 2005
We're In!
Iowa was selected as the 10 seed in the Austin regional of the NCAA Tournament. They'll face the Cincinnati Bearcats in Indianapolis on Thursday. Hmmm, a game only 360 miles away....during spring break.....possible connections for housing.....this has all the makings of a good road trip!

Make sure to check back during the week for previews of the upcoming game.
Well, I must say.... Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa all in the tourney....What more could a fan of Iowa Athletics want. I work for KMA 960AM in Shenandoah, Iowa and we carry the Cyclones. Wish we had the Hawkeyes but maybe next year. With 3 teams from Iowa, the odds are looking pretty good. Thanks on a good site, I check it often.
In the words of Ken Harrelson - "Shenandoah......Yes!" I too am very excited to have three Iowa teams dancing. All three would likely face one of the country's most historic basketball schools in the second round, assuming they get that far, as North Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky are waiting in the wings. Here's hoping they get past their first round opponents (though it's hard to cheer against the Big 10) and have a good showing in front of a large national audience over the weekend.

As for the Clones - I've been to my share of games at Hilton in recent years, including the Texas Tech game last month, and I love the backcourt they have in place now. Minnesota turns it over a lot, and ISU's defense is known for forcing turnovers, so I like State in round one. Their lack of depth could really hurt them if they make it to round two and play North Carolina (just ask Iowa).

And thanks for the kind words about the site.
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