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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
More PTL Roster Info
I was typing up each team's roster for the PTL, which starts tomorrow, until I realized it was already elsewhere online. See the rosters here.

I'm looking for one team to sort of root for - a team I secretly cheer for while remaining outwardly objective. I would make sure to attend each of that team's games and brag to my friends when "my team" advanced through the playoffs. My first option seemed like team 7, since they're sponsored by my landlord and that gives me a minor connection to the team, but I don't think I can get behind a squad that's half UNI players. My next option is probably Team 1, led by Greg Brunner. Seems like they have good post players and good ballhandlers, though they could be hurt by not having many perimeter shooters.

For the five or so of you who might see this - any early prediction on which team will take the championship? I say Brunner leads his team to the title for the third straight summer.
My money is on Team 6. The guard combination of Oliver and Jacobson should be great to watch. Gatens, the "Hawkeye of the future," should also be exciting to watch. The one concern I have with this team is someone stepping up to stop Brunner. Eglseder still has a year of high school left and is at a disadvantage because of maturity level. Lappe put up decent numbers at Luther and was the leading scorer and/or rebounder for several games. I think he could slow Brunner down, but I wonder why he was drafted so low.
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