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Monday, July 18, 2005
It's a PTL Day
Just a reminder - tonight is the last round of Prime Time League games before the playoffs start on Wednesday.

Tonight's matchups
3 vs 4, 6:00
1 vs 7, 6:00
6 vs 8, 7:30
2 vs 5, 7:30

Primary Players
1 - Greg Brunner, Kevin Sams (Drake, early 90's), Brooks McKowen (UNI), Kenyon Murray
2 - Jeff Horner, Darryl Moore (ex-Iowa), John Little (UNI)
3 - Adam Haluska, Grant Stout (UNI)
4 - Mike Henderson, Kurt Spurgeon (ex-Iowa)
5 - Alex Thompson, Tony Freeman, Duez Henderson (ex-Iowa), Jason Price (ex-Iowa)
6 - Erek Hansen, Ben Jacobson (UNI), Dean Oliver, Jordan Eglseder (UNI, '06), Jason Bohannon (Wisconsin, '06)
7 - Erik Crawford (UNI), Matt Scneiderman (ex-UNI)
8 - Seth Gorney, Carlton Reed, Matt Burks (Highland CC)

Once again, I should be in attendance tonight, so I should have a recap of the games I watch posted sometime late tonight. By the way, whatever happened to the PTL's promise of "all stats will be up for all games by Friday [7/15]?" They're about as reliable as me promising to post on a regular basis.

Also, if you're looking for my All-Iowa State School Team, I should have it up later today. I was planning to finish it over the weekend, but the Iowa Games wore me out more than I expected, and I opted for some extra sleep instead. In the meantime, feel free to weigh in with your own picks.
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