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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
PTL Playoffs Tonight
The first round of the Prime Time League playoffs takes place tonight. The matchups are as follows -

#2 Team Three (Haluska) vs. #7 Team 2 (Horner), 6:00, Old Gym
#3 Team Four (Henderson) vs. #6 Team Seven (Crawford, UNI), 6:00, New Gym
#1 Team One (Brunner) vs. #8 Team Eight (Gorney/Reed), 7:30, Old Gym
#4 Team Five (Thompson/Freeman) vs. #5 Team Six (Hansen/Jacobson, UNI), 7:30, New Gym

Looks like I tried to make that as confusing as I could. The # preceding each team is their tournament seed.

The Daily Iowan continues to be the only free newspaper to show much interest in the league, and their's is only intermittent. Andrew Shank weighs in with a preview and predictions for each game. (Note to Andrew - Eric Coleman will be rehabbing for at least another six weeks.)

And what's up with the PTL never updating their website? If they needed some basketball-obsessed number crunchers, I'm always just an email away.
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