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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Shaping Up
More press for Greg Brunner's newly cut physique, this time from Kelly Beaton of the W-CF Courier -
It was clear to all in attendance in North Liberty that night, as it has all
summer, that Brunner is a man who has undergone a metamorphosis: From a freshman
huffing and puffing up the court at Florida State, to a leaner, meaner senior
who's a threat from 20-feet on in.
I'm as excited as anyone by what we've seen from Brunner this summer, but I'm also pretty excited that Greg's attitude is rubbing off on his teammates.
“Guys are just really trying to get into shape,” said teammate and Waterloo
native Mike Henderson. “Everybody on our roster ... Brunner’s cut weight, I’ve
cut weight, Jeff (Horner’s) cut weight, Adam (Haluska’s) cut weight. Erek
(Hansen’s) putting on weight.”
I've read a lot about the benefits of proper nutrition for my own sake over the past year, and I think people often overlook its importance. There's a notion that athletes work so hard on the court and in the weight room that they can eat whatever they want, and while they can get away with more than inactive people, athletes can really enhance their performance with a healthy diet.

Beaton also wrote an article about former Waterloo East teammates Henderon and Carlton Reed moving in together. My favorite line -
". . .Reed, who carried a rather pedestrian 1.09-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio
last year, is making a concerted effort this summer to work on his ball-handling
- especially while navigating through traffic. Henderson could probably
teach his younger buddy a thing or two in that department."
*Cough, cough* Um, Mike Henderson, he of the rather awful 0.66 assist-to-turnover ratio is going to teach Reed? Mike Henderson, he of the 2.3 assists per 40 minutes while playing point guard is going to show Carlton Reed, he of the 2.7 ast / 40 min while playing off guard, how to distribute the ball? Let's hope that's just unconfirmed speculation. By the way Beaton, Henderson had 59 turnovers last year, not 59 assists. At least according to ESPN, Hawkeye Sports, and Sports Illustrated.
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