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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
More Collins
Luke Winn at CNNSI wrote a good article today detailing the recruitment of high school point guard stud Sherron Collins. He writes that it's basically down to Illinois and Kansas -
Iowa was one of Collins' earliest suitors, but the real clash for the Crane
jewel is likely to pit Illinois against Kansas, with the stakes infinitely
higher in the Illini's camp.
Sadly, that's the reality. It seemed way back that the articles gave Iowa a decent shot with Collins (back when they might actually bring in some other recruits next year), especially since they were one of the earliest teams to start courting him. But now, what can Iowa really use as a seling point? Let's see, Collins can......

a) Go play for Kansas, one of the country's most historic programs with a rabid fan base and four top 25 recruits entering this fall

b) Stay in his home state and play for Illinois, with a coach who just made a national championship and launched NBA careers for two guards

c) Play at Iowa in an empty arena, likely with no other talented players for most of his career

I can find one option on the list that's pretty easy to cross off.

By the way, with coaches now able to directly contact recruits, Bill Self made the first move by visiting Collins at his home yesterday.

Barring the tiny chance that Iowa manages to land Collins, I'm actually pulling for him to end up with the Illini. There are some top level players set to join the Big Ten next year, and adding another stellar point guard to the mix should only further the conference's return to national prominence.
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