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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Countdown. . . . .
The return of live college basketball to Iowa City is mere hours away, with the Black and Gold Blowout set to follow that other sporting event in town today. I'm sure I'll have some thoughts on the scrimmage later tonight (and I might share them, too!).

The lineups will start out as follows -

Black Gold
Jeff Horner Carlton Reed
Adam Haluska J.R. Angle
Greg Brunner Doug Thomas
Tony Freeman Mike Henderson
Erek Hansen Alex Thompson
Kurt Looby Seth Gorney
Justin Wieck Ryan Kennedy
---------- Brett Wessels

I have to admit I'm more than a little excited to see freshman Tony Freeman get a chance to run with the regular starters, as I'm still not convinced that Henderson has any business playing 30+ mpg in the Big Ten. I was hoping Freeman would get a chance to prove himself in the early part of the year, and this looks like a good start.
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