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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Iowa 45, NC State 42
Hawks score 45........and WIN! That was easily one of the most fun basketball games at Carver-Hawkeye in the last year and a half, despite the low score. The guys just put forth a hell of a defensive effort to pull it out. Unfortunately, I'm one of those early-to-rise types, and it's well past my bed time. Back tomorrow.

I rather wish that game hadn't been televised.
So, I'm guessing the stats numbers won't look so great with 17 turnovers and 17 field goals.
Can both teams get negative syle point? You have an equation for that, Ryan? :)
Um, how about +3 > -17 ? As in, we'll take this over getting blown out AT HOME by Iona.
Watch it, buddy. I just plugged you over at my blog. Don't make me reconsider. :)
I am a Sonics fan looking to get a Reggie Evans Iowa jersey. I may have to have one made, but I can't find what number he wore when he played. I am sure one or all of you know! Please enlighten me. Thanks, Tim
32, wasn't it?
Yep, Reggie carried out his ridiculous rebounding exploits while wearing a #32 jersey.

Joey - How is Reggie playing so far this season?
Well, he had been the starter since last year, but with the progression of Nick Collison (isn't he from Iowa?), Reggie lost his spot a few games ago. But he is back in with Collison moving to the 5 spot. I think it makes us too small, since our small forward is rashard Lewis and he is taller than both Reggie and Nick. All in all, everyone loves Reggies intensity and knack for rebounding. If he could add a little more offense, it would realy help out the team. I was reading the Hawkeye all-time list and was suprised to see Reggie in the top 10 of free throws made. In the 4732 minutes (233 games) he has played as a Sonic, he has made 307 free throws, shooting a cool 53%. Hard to imagine he holds a record in makes. He only played for 2 years at Iowa if I am correct, so I assume he played in less than 80 games? In 2001 he played in 35 games and made 218 free throws, the school record, and shot 63%. I think he may need to focus on his free throw shooting a little more also!!
By the way, thanks for the info. I may be sporting my Iowa #32 jersey to the Sonics games shortly!!
Ryan, check your mail, pronto.
I like the quote that Adam Haluska gave to Yahoo. He said his dad told him "They were three points uglier than we were."
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