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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Morning News
- The DM Register reported that, as expected, Coach Alford will redshirt Kurt Looby this year.

- The first round of polls came out yesterday. Iowa was ranked #20 by both the AP and the Coaches polls. That seems about right to me. Other Big Ten teams getting votes -

Team AP Coaches
Michigan State 4 5
Illinois 17 17
Indiana 23 22
Ohio State 30 27
Wisconsin 31 30
Michigan 36 33

- Frank Burlison released his personal top 25 at Fox Sports. Notables include Iowa at #7, Wisconsin at #13, Ohio State at #17. I agree with him on OSU, and I don't see why more people don't (no interior depth, maybe?), but I'm still a little too skeptical to project Iowa as a top ten team.
Seems pretty solid except for the doubts you raised. The ISU-tOSU game will reveal quite a bit.
Good call there. That will be a great matchup because neither team is expected to have much inside (outside of Dials, of course), but there will be a lot of backcourt talent on display.

Can tOSU's relatively turnover-free offense handle ISU's ridiculous press? Can't wait to find out.
Well, ISU created a lot of TO's playing man-to-man D. If they are even that good with the zone, it should be fun to watch.

OF course, that Iowa game should be fun. How do you think Haluska will handle it. I know he'll be a leader, but Hilton will be nuts.
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