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Saturday, November 19, 2005
News and Notes
It's finally starting to feel like basketball season, what with the temperature plunging, the plethora of games just a remote click away, and the expert predictions already falling apart. It's also the time of year when remarks like "Hey buddy, let's go see that new movie," and "Here's my phone number, we should go out some time," start to get answered with "Yeah, I'll get back to you.....[in April]." I'm sure you can relate.

I didn't have anything specific lined up to write about today, so I'll just throw together a list of thoughts and observations from the games I watched over the past few nights. You're thrilled, I'm sure.

I have a friend who wrote for the Daily Illini (Tom Ward) who actually had a chance to talk to Dickie V. with no TV cameras around. He said that Vitale was actually very, very knowledgeable and didn't act like a douche like he does on TV.
Thanks for the info, Swany.

BTW, that Inspector Owl CD is awesome. Tell them to come back to Iowa City. And not to play at Gabe's.
Good to still see you around! (Yes I guess I am a seasonal reader) But you were always my first source for reading Hawkeye basketball last year, I'm glad that you are still at it.

Beat the Wildcats!
Gooseneck is back! Looking forward to the comments.
That's what's so frustrating about Vitale and, in many ways, ESPN in general. If you read some of the things he writes you can tell he knows basketball but he's way too busy using his catch phrases to show any of it. The man loves college basketball but when he's on the air he loves playing the caricature of himself more.

ESPN would rather have guys like Steven A. Smith screaming at you and saying something controversial to get a reaction then someone that will give intelligent analysis of what's happening.

I guess that's why we have guys like you blogging, right?

I liked it when Sundvold was doing games for ESPN. he wasn't flashy but he actually told you things that you might not see otherwise. Of course he's not at ESPN anymore partly because he wasn't the personality of some of the other announcers.
Hey, also, your "Mr. Overrated" was stroking it today. Career high 35 points, 15-24, 3-6 3pt, 7 assists, 0 TOs.

It was only one game but it was nice to see the Clones put together a good game, especially with Taggart in the lineup for the first time. I'm feeling a little better about the in-state battle again although still a long way for this team to go.
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